Recently, I saw a couple Reddit inquiries (Link 1, Link 2) for a replacement to Email2Ticket. If you have a little time and can do some basic programming, you can replace Email2Ticket with a far more powerful set of tools that can be fully customized to your business.

When you combine ThinkAutomation with Connectwise Manage API’s, you’ll have an unbeatable combination of capabilities that can automate a great deal of tasks in your business. We have previously implemented ThinkAutomation to accomplish the following:

  • Integrate email alerts from Kaseya Network Monitor to open, discard duplicates, update, and close tickets in Connectwise
  • Receive cloud based backup alerts and enter tickets as needed for missed or failed backups.
  • Process daily VOIP call records and enter information into a database for subsequent analysis or reporting
  • Built alerting to notify Kaseya administrators when Kaseya alarms were globally disabled for more than a few hours.

With enough uniquely identifying information, it is possible to take emails from various vendors regarding warranty renewals, subscription renewals, etc. and have them entered as tickets attached to the correct customer.

If you find a number of tickets that keep showing up as “catchall”, then that is an indication that either you need to have those emails processed outside of CW’s email connector or there is another root cause that you need to resolve. In any case, if you need assistance with resolving “catchall” emails or you want to talk more about implementing ThinkAutomation in your business, give us a call at (856) 534-1645.

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