IT Engineering encompasses a number of technical (hardware, software, networking) and business disciplines (financial, operations, vision) that need to be carefully balanced in order to solve customers’ short term problems as well as allow for growth without the customer losing any investment.

Network Engineering

With over 15 years of experience working with technology infrastructures from multiple vertical markets and environments containing thousands of devices and tens of thousands of users, we have the expertise to help you design and implement LAN and WAN solutions that are not only scalable & cost effective, but easier to maintain for your IT staff.

Whether you need help with troubleshooting, documenting, reverse engineering, migration roadmaps , our engineers are ready to service your customers environments.


Have you done all you can to protect your customers? Are you prepared to respond when your customer is compromised? We can provide you with the training you need to avoid the most common mistakes that are made as well as what you can do to detect and prevent them from occurring.

We can perform security assessments of your customer environments, help remediate potential gaps, develop security best practices, and develop a cybersecurity response plan so that your technology team knows what to do when a customer network is compromised.

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