It’s no secret that you and many other IT departments, IT Companies and MSPs alike use the same free 3rd party utilities and hackers used this to their advantage in an attempt to infiltrate a few high profile targets along with a significant number of casualties.

Now is the time to evaluate what you can do to script your own tools in order to reduce your reliance on these 3rd party utilities and reduce you and your customer’s exposure to future compromises from 3rd party software.

For example, clearing out temporary files from a desktop computer is trivially easy to program in a batch file, Powershell, or your choice of scripting language. Building your own scripts gives your company the flexibility of building exactly what you need for your customer environments.

As your IT staff become more proficient at scripting, they will be able to automate a far greater number of tasks than previously possible and in less time. You already know automation is a key component of doing more with less, so this is a perfect opportunity to make the move.

The smartest IT Companies and MSPs will turn this into a sales opportunity to showcase their superior solutions over their competitors. How will you respond?

If you need help with automation, contact us and we can help you accelerate the process.

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